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Aimee Murphy, speaker

Consistently Approachable. Consistently Engaging. Consistently Life-Affirming.

Available Presentations

My Story: How the Threat of Violence Changed me Forever

(6-10 minutes)

This can be included in any presentation, or be on its own — it is the brief story of my journey from pro-choice to pro-life, after rape, a pregnancy scare, and death threats from my partner-turned-rapist.

Rehumanize: Book Talk

(20-45 minutes)

Following the launch of my newest book, Rehumanize: A Vision for Securing Human Rights for All, I'll have a lecture covering the larger themes of the book, a reading of an excerpt or two, and information about how to get involved with rehumanizing our world—starting right in your communities!

Why Consistency Matters: Understanding the Consistent Life Ethic

(30+ minutes)

This talk focuses on the ethical foundation of the Consistent Life Ethic, with discussion of Kant’s ethics and Personalist philosophy, while offering critiques of political incon- sistency and hope for the future.

Embracing the ‘F’ Word: Learning to Love (Pro-Life) Feminism

(40+ minutes)

This talk discusses the basic tenets of feminism, how those tenets transfer to pro-life belief, and the rich history of pro-life feminism from the 19th-century suffragists through today.

Radical Inclusivity: Unity Amidst Diversity

(20+ minutes)

This brief presentation focuses on inclusion in the pro-life movement, ranging from welcoming “non-traditional” pro-lifers to collaborating across ideologies and political philosophies.

Just Defense from the Personal to the Geo-Political

(30+ minutes)

This brief but fairly comprehensive presentation explores just defense on a micro and macro scale, from the perspective of a human-centered, or Personalist philosophy.

The Commoditization of Children

(30+ minutes)

This presentation explores themes of the dehumanization of treating children as means to ends, or as goods to be creat- ed, bought, sold, edited, or discarded — through abortion, trafficking, IVF, circum- cision, and more.

Sonder: The Key to Peace?

(20+ minutes)

This can be included in almost any presentation, or be on its own: it is the brief explanation of practical Personalism, empathy in action, and an ethics of encounter.

Healing through Community: A Human-Centered Response to Sexual Violence

(45+ minutes)

In this presentation, I delve into my own personal story as a survivor of rape and talk about practicable ways we can combat rape culture in our communities and help victims heal after sexual violence.

"Choose Your Own Adventure!"

(5-75 minutes)

Yes! This is really an option! We can work together to develop a topic and presentation that fits your organization’s needs and demographics. This can include nearly any combination of the talks listed on the menu above, or an addition not yet explored in one of these presentations that's relevant to my work and research for human dignity.


Fees (negotiable): $500 honorarium + travel expenses

A complete invoice will be sent within 5 days of the engagement,
and payment will be due within 10 business days of the event.
At this time, all payment shall be made out to Rehumanize International via check
(sent to: Rehumanize Int'l, 309 Smithfield Street, STE 210, Pittsburgh PA 15222)
or to via PayPal.

Get in Touch

I'm primarily scheduling speaking engagements specifically for my book tour at this time. If you're interested in booking me for an event in 2023, or hosting me for an event during my August-December 2022 book tour, however, please do reach out!

Thanks for submitting!

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